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What is Acupuncture?

The ancient practice of Acupuncture originated in China over 3000 years ago.  It involves the insertion of tiny needles to connect with the body's natural energy, or Qi.  When there is an imbalance in this natural energy, shifts can occur in health and wellness.  Acupuncture helps to balance the flow of energy which in turn helps to restore wellness and vitality. 


Acupuncture is used to help a wide range of conditions and also entirely safe to be used alongside western medicine.  

For a full list of conditions please read here 

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Your acupuncture treatment is tailored exactly to your health requirements, so it is important to take a full health and lifestyle history.  Your initial treatment would take approximately 60-90 minutes  All follow up treatments will take 60 minutes. Loose clothing is recommended.   

Acupuncture is not just the use of needles.  I also use techniques such as:

  • Moxa (a Chinese herb which is heated and applied to the body) 

  • Cupping (warm glass cups placed on the body) 

  • Guasha (light skin scraping, in order to restore qi) 

  • Chinese massage called TuiNa

acupuncture needles and ancient medicine



I have worked in alternative healthcare for well over 10 years, having initially trained as a massage therapist and reflexologist.


I trained at one of the UKs best known clinics, The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine in Reading.  I graduated with a BSc in Acupuncture.


I learned an integrated approach to Acupuncture which is unique way of uniting the practice of Traditional Chinese Medicine with Five Element Acupuncture.  


First Treatment: £65.00 (60-90 mins)

Follow up: £50.00 (60 mins)


I am currently able to offer treatments in Brighton and Hove.  Please contact me for further information.

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