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“The greatest wealth is health”



About Me

I first discovered Acupuncture many years ago.  It has always fascinated me as to how or even why it works.  So I decided that I wanted to learn all about this amazing therapy and share it with others.  

I studied Acupuncture at the College of Chinese Medicine (CICM) in Reading and graduated with a BSc.  I learned an integrated style of Acupuncture, which incorporates Traditional Chinese Medicine along with Five Element Acupuncture. This unique way of practising enables me to look into the deeper causes of imbalance or disharmony, both physical and emotional: a truly holistic approach of mind+body which is essential for the path to wellness. 

I continue to learn and evolve my Acupuncture practice and have attended further training in areas such as:  Fertility, Pregnancy support, Cancer Care, Menopause support and Musculoskeletal Pain relief. 

I am fully registered and insured with the British Acupuncture Council.  

Special Interests

I am interested in all areas of Acupuncture, but I am especially interested in women's wellness, from menstrual issues, fertility and menopause.  

I am also passionate about Acupuncture working alongside conventional medicine. I have worked with Macmillan Cancer Care. volunteering Acupuncture to support those undergoing cancer treatment.   Acupuncture can be used very safely and efficiently alongside long-term medication, which in turn helps to restore balance.

If you have any questions please message me.   


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